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Choosing a selection results in a full page refresh. Press the space key then arrow keys to make a selection. Opens in a new window. Opens external website.Lontong is a dish made with compressed rice cake and cooked in banana leaf. Try this recipe for Lontong Sayur Lodeh where the rice cakes are cooked with vegetables in a coconut milk-based soup.Vegetables in spicy coconut milk broth with compressed rice.Tokyo Disney Lunch -Halal FOOD. 357 likes. Online Halal Lunch Box for Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea,Tokyo Sky Tree, Asakusa . Delivery service is available.Polandball Monacoball Indonesiaball, officially known pasak the Republic of IndiHome overproud with his military Indonesiaball, isthe largest countryball in Southeast Asia which he has a size of 1.905 million km², made up of about 18,307 islands, the second largest unitary countryball in the world, and the second-largest by zona in Oceania. He is also one of the founding members of ASEANball and

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Bupati Cianjur izin pengawal Raider 300/Brajawijaya - Pamtas RI PNG - Duration: 3:03. HUMAS CIANJUR 20,383 views. 3:03. Lontong Sayur - Cara Membuat Lontong Sayur Betawi ~ Indonesian Vegetable#21-11/12 Royal Square at Novena 101 Irrawaddy Road Singapore 329565. Tel: +65 6264-2836 Fax: +65 6264-2839 Email: [email protected] cakes are popular sides made of rice that often accompany Indonesian savory dishes, such poros sate, gado-gado, ketoprak, lontong sayur, and many other dishes.For festive occasions, we usually have ketupat or rice cakes wrapped in woven palm leave pouches in the shape of diamond. For daily meals, lontong is more popular, which is rice cakes wrapped in banana leave pouches in the shape of a tube.In 2018, I set out on an epic mission to stay at and write about every notable luxury hotel and resort in Singapore. Having had little experience with luxury hotels and hotel loyalty programmes, I was keen to understand the hospitality industry better, find out what sets different hotels and loyalty programmes apart from each other and discover the best hotels in Singapore.

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iring-iringan kata kata ajaran mengambungambung lontong mengenai bikin engkau kesel yukepocom. Image Source : www.yukepo.com. 480 x 360 · jpeg. eva arnaz dulu pelaku kalor jualan lontong sayur youtube. Image Source : www.youtube.com. 640 x 480 · jpeg. slk amg picture thread page mbworldorg forums. Image Source : mbworld.org. 750 x 500 · jpeg. stagen cindeKetupat (in Indonesian and Malay), kupat (in Javanese and Sundanese) or tipat (in Balinese) is a rice cake packed inside a diamond-shaped container of woven palm leaf pouch, Originating in Indonesia, it is also found in Brunei, Malaysia, and Singapore.It is commonly described pasak "packed rice", although there are other types of similar packed rice such sumbu lontong and bakchang.bismillah bingo card with lontong sayur, opor, rendang, ketupat, kare, kolak, es balasan, kurma, gorengan and es blewahHainanese chicken rice is a dish of poached chicken and seasoned rice, served with chilli sauce and usually with cucumber garnishes. It was created by immigrants from Hainan in southern China and adapted from the Hainanese dish Wenchang chicken.. It is considered one of the national dishes of Singapore and is most commonly associated with Singaporean cuisine, being widely available in mostKetupat (Rice Cake) is easy to prepare. Just boil the plastic package in hot water. It's a good combination with gulai, rending, satay or lontong sayur.

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KetupatUnopened bunch of cooked ketupat on a plate.Alternative namesKupat, tupat, topat, tipatCourseMain coursePlace of originIndonesia[1][2]Region or stateMaritime Southeast AsiaServing temperatureHot or room temperatureMain ingredientsRice cooked inside of a pouch made from woven young palm leavesVariationsKetupat pulut, ketupat daun palas (Malay), lepetFood energy(per serving)1 bowl of ketupat sayur has approximately 93[3] kcal Cookbook: Ketupat  Media: Ketupat

Ketupat (in Indonesian and Malay), kupat (in Javanese and Sundanese) or tipat (in Balinese)[4] is a rice cake packed inside a diamond-shaped container of woven palm leaf pouch,[5] Originating in Indonesia, it is also found in Brunei, Malaysia, and Singapore. It is commonly described gandar "packed rice", although there are other types of similar packed rice such as lontong and bakchang.

Ketupat is cut open and its skin (woven palm leaf) removed. The inner rice cake is cut in pieces and served gandar a staple food in place of plain steamed rice. It is usually eaten with rendang, opor mandung, sayur labu (chayote soup), or sambal goreng hati (liver in sambal), or served sumbu an accompaniment to satay (chicken or beef or lamb in skewers) or gado-gado (mixed vegetables with peanut sauce). Ketupat is also the ramai element of certain dishes such sumbu ketupat sayur (ketupat in chayote soup with tofu and boiled egg) and kupat cerdas (ketupat and tofu in peanut sauce).

Ketupat is related to similar dishes in other rice-farming Austronesian cultures, like the Filipino puso or Patupat, although the latter is not restricted to diamond shapes and traditionally come in various intricately woven designs ranging from star-like to animal-shaped.[6] An octahedron-shaped version called katupat was also found in pre-colonial Guam and the Mariana Islands, before the ancient rice cultivation in the island was replaced by corn brought by the Spanish.[7][8]


People weaving young palm fronds (Indonesian: janur) into ketupat pouch to be sold prior of lebaran in Jakarta.

The use of woven young palm leaves (janur) fronds sumbu a pouch to cook food is widespread in Maritime Southeast Asia, from Java, Indonesia to Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines. Ketupat is made from rice that has been wrapped in a woven palm leaf pouch and boiled. As the rice cooks, the grains expand to fill the pouch and the rice becomes compressed. This method of cooking gives the ketupat its characteristic form and texture of a rice cake.

Ketupat was first introduced by an Indonesian theologian named Sunan Kalijaga who was an important figure for Muslims in Java. In Java and most of Indonesia, ketupat is linked to Islamic tradition of lebaran (Eid ul-Fitr).[5] The earliest connection of ketupat with Islamic lebaran tradition is believed to be originated in 15th-century Sultanate of Demak.[9][2][10]

In Indonesian markets, empty pouch of ketupat skin made from woven janur are often sold prior of Lebaran.

According to Javanese traditions, the Indonesian lebaran tradition was first started when Sunan Bonang, one of Wali Songo of Tuban in 15th-century Java, calls for the Muslims to elevate the perfection of their Ramadhan fast by asking forgiveness and forgiving others' wrongdoings.[11] The tradition on preparing and consuming ketupat or kupat in Javanese language during lebaran was introduced by Raden Mas Sahid or Sunan Kalijaga,[12] one of Wali Songo (nine Muslim saints) that spread Islam in Java. Sunan Kalijaga introduced the lebaran ketupat ritual on 8 Shawwal, a week after Eid ul-Fitr and a day after a six-day Shawwal fast. It is believed that it contains appropriate symbolism; kupat means ngaku lepat or "admitting one's mistakes" in Javanese language,[11] in accordance to asking for forgiveness tradition during lebaran. The crossed weaving of palm leaves symbolises mistakes and sins committed by human beings, and the inner whitish rice cake symbolise purity and deliverance from sins after observing Ramadhan fast, prayer and rituals.[12]

Other than Java, the tradition on consuming ketupat during Eid ul-Fitr is also can be found throughout Indonesia; from Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Nusa Tenggara, and also neighboring countries, including Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei.[1]ketupat has also been used gandar "sajen" (an offering for dead ancestors) for centuries. People hang a bunch of ketupat (usually "banten" style) at the door to treat the roh of the ancestors they believe would come back to visit.

Local stories passed down through the generations have attributed the creation of this style of rice preparation to the seafarers' need to keep cooked rice from spoiling during long sea voyages. The coco leaves used in wrapping the rice are always shaped into a triangular or diamond form and stored hanging in bunches in the open tirta. The shape of the package facilitates moisture to drip away from the cooked rice while the coco leaves allow the rice to be aerated and at the same time prevent flies and insects from touching it.

Despite its current association with Muslim festival of lebaran, ketupat is also known in non-Muslim communities, such as Hindu Balinese[13] and people of the Philippines, which suggested that the weaving of coconut fronds has pre-Islamic origin. It was linked to the local Hindu ritual on venerating Dewi Sri, the Javanese goddess of rice.[9] The Balinese Hindus still weaved the Cili fronds effigy of Dewi Sri poros an offering, sumbu well pasak weaving tipat fronds during Kuningan Balinese Hindu holy day.[13]

Cultural significance

Boiled ketupat

In various places in Indonesia, there is a ceremony called Lebaran Ketupat, which is observed after the conclusion of an extra six days of fasting following Idul Fitri.[5] In Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, thousands of Muslims celebrated Lebaran Ketupat—or Lebaran Topat gandar it is locally called—by visiting the graves of Muslim ulamas before partaking in communal ceremonial activities, which includes music performances, ketupat cooking competitions, to shared meals where ketupat was served as the berdenyut dish. Side dishes at the events varied, ranging from plecing kangkung (stir-fried water spinach) to the local dish of Ayam Taliwang.[5]

Ketupat poros centerpiece of Lebaran feast, served with sayur lodeh, opor ayam, rendang, sambal goreng ati and emping

In Central Java, Lebaran Ketupat is called Bada Kupat, and was celebrated by cooking and serving ketupat and lepet (steamed sticky rice cooked in plaited palm leaves) in Semarang. In Colo, Kudus Regency, a parade of gunungan (cone-shape offering) made of ketupat, lepet and other food items on the slope of Mount Muria near the grave of noted Muslim preacher Sunan Muria, was held to celebrate Bada Kupat, while on the slope of Mount Merapi in Boyolali Regency, the celebration featured a konvoi of livestock decorated with ketupat.[5]

Among Hindu communities in Bali and Banyuwangi in East Java, ketupat is part of the offering and ritual of Kuningan festive celebration to conclude the Galungan holy days. During Galungan, Hindu families create and erect a penjor pole made of janur (young palm leaves), and then make some offerings to the Pura. Ten days after Galungan, the ceremony of Kuningan is observed to conclude the religious holy days. To celebrate Kuningan, Balinese Hindu families make tipat or ketupat first as offering, and then they consume some ketupat afterwards.[13]

There are some striking similarities between Javanese Muslim Lebaran and Balinese Hindu Galungan-Kuningan holy days, of which ketupat is one. For example, the families pay a visit to the grave of their family or ancestors prior of observing the holy day, and they consume ketupat to conclude the religious festival.[13] Although today in contemporary Indonesia, ketupat is strongly associated with Muslim celebration of Idul Fitri, this parallel phenomenon suggested the pre-Islamic native origin of ketupat, pivot Native Indonesian ways to shows gratitude and to celebrate festivities by making and consuming certain kind of food.[13]


Ketupat daun palas, a triangle version of the ketupat primarily found in Malay Peninsula.

There are many varieties of ketupat, with two of the more common ones being ketupat nasi and ketupat pulut. Ketupat nasi is made from common white rice and is wrapped in a square shape with coconut palm leaves while ketupat pulut is made from glutinous rice is usually wrapped in a triangular shape using the leaves of the fan palm (Licuala). Ketupat pulut is also called ketupat daun palas in Malaysia, primarily found in northern Malay Peninsula and among the Malay community of southern Thailand. Usually ketupat pouch are made from janur or young palm leaves fronds. However, in Kalimantan, nipah leaves might be used and woven into ketupat as well.

Ketupat is also traditionally served by Indonesian and Malays at open houses on festive occasions such pivot lebaran or Idul Fitri (Hari Raya Aidilfitri). During Idul Fitri in Indonesia, ketupat is often served with either opor ayam (chicken in coconut milk), chicken or beef curry, rendang, sambal goreng ati (spicy beef liver), krechek (buffalo or beef skin dish), or sayur labu Siam (chayote soup). Ketupat or lontong is also used pasak the replacement of plain steamed rice in campur aduk, karedok, or pecel.

Derivative dishes

Other than replacing steamed rice or lontong in certain dishes, such pasak satay, bancuh, and ketoprak, ketupat is also forming the essential part of other derivative dishes with certain recipes developed from it.

Ketupat sayur Katupek sayua randang limpo Minangkabau version with spleen rendang.

One of popular street food in Indonesian cities is Ketupat sayur which literary means "ketupat in vegetables soup". Ketupat sayur is known in two popular versions; the Betawi version from Jakarta and katupek sayua the Padang version from West Sumatra. Ketupat sayur is popular pasak breakfast fare in Jakarta and Padang. It consist of ketupat served with sliced labu siam (chayote) and unripe jackfruit gulai in thin and spicy coconut milk soup, topped with cooked tofu and telur pindang (spiced boiled egg), and krupuk crackers. The Padang or Minangkabau version might be served with additional dishes, such as egg balado, rendang and various gulai. If lontong was used in the identical recipe, it is called lontong sayur instead.

Kupat terpelajar Kupat cendekia Gempol from Bandung.

Ketupat also used aksis berlangsung ingredient in Sundanese and Javanese dish kupat bestari, which is ketupat, cerdas goreng (fried tofu), and bean sprouts served in peanut sauce topped with crispy krupuk crackers. Popular variants of kupat bijaksana includes Kupat pandai Kuningan from Kuningan Regency in West Java, Kupat Tahu Magelang from Magelang Regency, Central Java, and Kupat akil Gempol from Surabaya, East Java.

Tipat cantok Tipat cantok from Bali.

Its Balinese version is called tipat cantok, which is sliced ketupat with boiled or blanched vegetables; sapersi bean, water spinach, bean sprout, cucumber, and fried tofu mixed in peanut sauce which is made from ground fried peanuts, garlic, chili pepper, salt and tauco fermented soy paste.[4] The peanut sauce might be mild or hot and spicy, depends on the addition of chili pepper. It is one of a few Balinese vegetarian dish. Tipat cantok is akin to Javanese pecel and Jakartan bancuh.

Other uses

Gado-gado stall displaying the ingredients of the dish, including ketupat

In Hindu-majority Bali, ketupat is used aksis one of the temple offerings.[13] In Java, among traditional Muslim abangan community, the woven empty or uncooked ketupat skin is often hung poros an amulet to symbolise wealth and prosperity.

Because in Indonesia, Malaysia, southern Thailand, Singapore and Brunei ketupat is strongly linked to Islamic Eid ul-Fitr, it is also used there aksis decorations. The empty ketupat skin woven from colourful ribbons are used pasak decorations to signify this festive occasions, in the same fashions pasak bells to signify Christmas. Colorful ribbon ketupat are often used to decorate shopping malls, offices, or as decorations of gift parcels.

Similar dishes

Ketupat sayur Betawi with mandung goreng.

In the Philippines, similar rice pouches are known as puso (literally "heart") and paras their origins from pre-colonial animistic ritual offerings pivot recorded by Spanish historians. Unlike ketupat, however, they are not restricted to diamond shapes and can come in a wide variety of weaving styles which still survive among various ethnic groups in the Philippines today. Ketupat are also woven differently, the leaf base and the loose leaf strands do not exit at the same point, aksis in most Filipino puso. Ketupat somewhat resemble the tamu pinad version among Muslim Filipinos the most, which are shaped like a flattened diamond, although they are also woven differently. Patupat, despite having the same form, is cooked differently. Patupat is cooked in sugarcane juice.[6]

In Cambodia, a similar dish of pounded sticky rice wrapped in a pentagonal woven palm leaves is called katom (កាតំ) in Khmer. It is a non-traditional variant of num kom which uses banana leaves instead of palm.[14][15] In Indonesia, similar dish of compressed rice in leaf container includes lepet, lontong, lemper, arem-arem and bacang.

Ketupat Raya, images of ketupat are often used aksis decoration to celebrate Hari Raya or Eid ul-Fitr.

In China, there is a similar dish called lap (苙) that is a local speciality of the island of Hainan.[16] Hainanese lap is usually bigger in size than Malay ketupat. Lap skin might be woven into pillow-shaped or triangular, the sticky rice is filled with pork belly. Outside China, lap can also can be found in Port Dickson in Malaysia and Singapore.[17]

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Shakoy Silog Sinangág (Garlic fried rice) Sinigapuna Suman Tinapayan TupigSingapore/Malaysia Chwee kueh Hainanese chicken rice Kelupis Lamban Nasi dagang Nasi goreng pattaya Nasi kandar Nasi anting-anting Nasi lemak Nasi paprik Nasi tumpangMyanmar(Burma) Burmese fried rice Buttered rice Coconut rice Htamanè Hsi htamin No htamin Thingyan riceThailand American fried rice Khao kha mu Khao mu daeng Kralan Thai fried riceVietnam Bun cha Bún riêu Bún bò Huế Bún thịt nướng Cơm tấm Cơm nắm Cơm rượu Gỏi cuốn Pho Rice noodles XôiOther Brown rice Coconut rice Congee Instant rice Parboiled rice Puffed rice cakes Puffed rice Rice pudding Rice vermicelli White rice Category WikiProject Food and drink vteIndonesian cuisine by ethnic groupDishesCommonIndonesiandishes Abon Acar Ayam memberangsangkan Ayam goreng Ayam kecap Ayam kuak Bakmi Bakpau Bakso Bakwan Bihun goreng Bubur ayam Bubur kacang hijau Bubur ketan hitam Bubur sumsum Gado-gado Gorengan Gulai Ikan masin Ikan membakar Ikan goreng Jagung rebus Kacang rebus Kari Kari mandung Kari domba Kari kambing Kari udang Kuaci Ketupat Laksa Lontong Macaroni schotel Martabak Mi bakso Mi goreng Mi kuah Nasi kacau Nasi goreng Nasi kari Nasi kuning Nasi menyundut Otak-otak Panekuk Pastel tutup Perkedel Perkedel jagung Pindang Rendang Rijsttafel Roti menusuk-nusuk Roti bolen Roti meses Rujak Sambal Sambal goreng udang Satay Sayur bayam Sayur sop Semur Serundeng Sop ragil Soto Soto ayam Soto mi Sup ayam Sup ercis Sup makaroni Sup wortel Tahu Tahu goreng Telur payau Telur pindang Tempeh Tumis katak TumpengAcehnese Meuseukat Mi aceh Mi caluk Nasi gurih Sate matangArab Asida Falafel Hummus Kofta Manakish Katayef Nasi kabsah Nasi mandi Maamoul Marak Roti maryam Roti ikat rambut Saltah Shawarma Tabbouleh TharidBalinese Babi guling Betutu Be larik Iga kartu ceki; Laklak Lawar Matah Nasi bali Nasi jinggo Pai susu Rawon kartu ceki; Rujak kuah pindang Sate nangui Sate lilit Soto nangui Tipat cantokBanjarese Bingka Laksa lingkungan Pekasam Soto banjarBatak Arsik Babi panggang Dali ni horbo Dengke uda na niura Itak gurgur Lampet Manuk napinadar Mi gomak Na tinombur Ombusombus Pagit-pagit Pohulpohul Saksang Sasagun Sate kerang Tipatipa TuktukBetawi Asinan betawi Bubur cha cha Kerak telor Ketoprak Ketupat sayur Laksa betawi Lontong sayur Mi kangkung Nasi goreng kambing Nasi kebuli Nasi uduk Nasi ulam Pindang Roti bajul Roti gambang Rujak juhi Sate taichan Sayur asem Semur jengkol Soto betawi Soto pengelola Soto tangkar Sup kambingBuginese andMakassar Burasa Coto makassar Dangke Jalangkote Kaledo Konro Mi kering Pallubasa Sop kerabatChinese Babi hong Babi kecap Bak kut teh Bakkwa Banmian Bihun goreng Cakwe Cap cai Chai tow kway Char kway teow Cha sio Fu yung hai Fish ball Haisom cah Ifumi Kembang bajik Kepiting saus tiram Kuaci Kwetiau mandung Kwetiau goreng Kwetiau siram andeka Lapchiong Locupan Lontong tanda pengenal go meh Lumpia Mi mandung Mi lor Mi pangsit Mi kait Mun bijaksana Nasi ayam hainan Nasi bebek Nasi baur Nasi personel Ngo hiang Pangsit Popiah Rujak shanghai Sapo tahu Sate babi Sekba Siomay Soto Sup hisit Sup sarang burung Swikee Tahu sumedang Tauge mandung Tee long pan Telur pitan Telur teh Tong sui Yong tau fu YushengCirebonese Empal gentong Docang Kue gapit Mi koclok Nasi jamblang Nasi lengko Tahu gejrotIndian Ayam mentega Ayam tandori Chapati Chutney Dosa Idli Kari kambing Kari pemandu ikan Korma Naan Nasi biryani Raita Roti canai Sambar SamosaIndo Ayam bangkong Babi panggang Bitterballen Erwtensoep Hutspot Oliebol Ontbijtkoek Pannenkoek Poffertjes Shepherd's pie SpekkoekJavanese Apem Arem-arem Ayam bumbu rujak Ayam geprek Ayam goreng kalasan Ayam penyet Bakso Bakpia Bakpia pathok Botok Brongkos Buntil Gudeg Iga penyet Kamir Kelan antep Krechek Kuluban Lepet Lontong balap Lontong dekem Lontong kupang Lumpia Lumpia goreng Lumpia semarang Sumpia Mendoan Mi bakso Mi goreng Mi jawa Mi rebus Nasi ambeng Nasi bebek Nasi bogana Nasi empal Nasi gandul Nasi goreng Nasi goreng jawa Nasi kare Nasi kucing Nasi liwet Nasi megono Nasi pecel Nasi tempong Opor Opor ayam Pecel Pecel mandung Pecel lele Rambak petis Rawon Roti ganjel rel Roti konde Rujak cingur Rujak soto Sambal anak cobek Sate hamparan Sate blora Sate kambing Sate hati Sate kelinci Sate kikil Sate klatak Sate madura Sate ponorogo Sate tegal Sate udang Sayur lodeh Selat solo Serundeng Soto rambah Soto ceker Tahu baur Telur pindang Tempe bacem Tempe goreng Tempe mendoan Tongseng Trancam Tumpeng UrapMadurese Rujak Rujak cingur Sate madura Serundeng Soto maduraMalay Amplang Ayam goreng Ayam pansuh Bubur cha cha Bubur pedas Cincalok Epok-epok Gulai Ikan menggelorakan Ikan patin Kangkung belacan Kari Kemplang Laksa Mi kari Mi rebus Nasi berlauk Nasi briyani Nasi dagang Nasi goreng Nasi goreng pattaya Nasi lemak Nasi minyak Otak-otak Pekasam Pulut Roti canai Roti jala Roti john Roti inti Sayur lodeh Siput gonggong Soto Sup kambing Tahu goreng Tempoyak UlamMinahasan Ayam rica-rica Brenebon Cakalang fufu Dabu-dabu Klappertaart Mi cakalang Nasi kuning Panada Paniki Rica-rica Rintek wuuk Tinorangsak Tinutuan Tumis berudu WokuMinangkabau Asam pedas Ayam menggarangkan Ayam pop Balado Daun ubi tumbuk Dendeng Gulai Gulai mandung Gulai kambing Gulai otak Ikan membembam Kalio Kepiting saus gelanggang Keripik sanjai Lemang Lontong gulai pakis Nasi kapau Nasi kari Nasi tanah luas Palai bada Rendang Sambal lada dimas Sate lapangan Soto padang Udang baladoMoluccanand Papuan Asida Babi menusuk-nusuk Bibingka Colo-colo Papeda Puding sagu Sagu Soto ambonPalembang Burgo Gulai Kemplang Laksan Lakso Mi celor Nasi minyak Otak-otak Pempek Pindang Tekwan Tempoyak ikan patinPeranakan Bubur cha cha Cincalok Laksa Pai ti SwikeeSasak Ayam taliwang Plecing katak Sate ampet Sate belut Sate pusutSundanese Asinan bogor Batagor Empal gepuk Karedok Kupat mengerti Laksa bogor Laksa tangerang Lalab Mi kocok Nasi timbel Nasi tutug oncom Oncom Pepes Rujak tumbuk Sate bandeng Sate maranggi Sayur asem Seblak Soto bandung Tauge goreng Uli menyenggauTimorese Feijoada Ikan menunukan Katemak Pastel de nata Se'iSnacksKrupuk Amplang Emping Kemplang Krupuk Krupuk ikan Krupuk indra peraba Krupuk udang Kripik Kripik sanjai Rempeyek RengginangKue Agar-agar Apam Ape Arem-arem Asida Bagea Bahulu Bakcang Bakpau Bakpia Bakpia pathok Bangkit Bibingka Bika ambon Bingka Bitterballen Bolen Bolu gulung Bolu kukus Bolu pandan Bugis Bulan Busa Cakwe Cilok Clorot Cubit Cucur Dadar gulung Dodol Donat jawa Donat kentang Gapit Geplak Gethuk Jalangkote Jemput-jemput Kaak Kaasstengels Kamir Karipap Kembang goyang Keranjang Klappertaart Klepon Kochi Kroket Ku Kukis jagung Laklak Lapis Lapis legit Leker Lemper Lidah kucing Lumpia Lumpia goreng Lumpia semarang Sumpia Lupis Madumongso Makmur Martabak Mangkok Mochi Nagasari Nastar Ombusombus Onde-onde Pai susu Pai ti Panada Pancong Pastel Pastel de nata Pinyaram Pisang cokelat Pisang goreng Poffertjes Popiah Pukis Putri salju Putu Putu mangkok Putu arai Rangi Rempah udang Risoles Samosa Satu Semar mendem Semprit Semprong Serabi Seri muka Sus Spekulaas Stroopwafel Talam Tapai Timphan Terang bulan Untir-untir Wajik WingkoBeveragesAlcoholic Arak Beer Brem Cap tikus Ciu Lapen Saguer Sopi TuakNon-alcoholic Adon-adon coro Angsle Bajigur Bandrek Bir jawa Bir kocok Bir pletok Cendol Chocolate milk Cincau Dadiah Es resultan Es campur Es doger Es durian Es goyobod Es kelapa rai Es kopyor Es selendang arai Es tebak Es tebu Es teler Hot chocolate Jahe telur Jamu Java coffee Kembang cerdas Kopi luwak Kopi susu Kopi kutip Kopi tiam Kopi sabung Lahang Laksamana menggelora Legen Milo Moke Ronde Sarsi Badak Indo saparelle Sekoteng Soda suka cita Susu kedelai Sweet tea Teh botol Teh krisan Teh liang Teh poci Teh jahe Teh renggut Teh talua Wedang jahe Wedang uwuhBumbuSpices Adas berakhlak Andaliman Asam jawa Bawang bombai Bawang merah Bawang perei Bawang putih Bunga lawang Bunga pala Cabai rawit Cabai merah Cengkih Daun bawang Daun jeruk Daun kari Daun kemangi Daun pandan Daun salam Jahe Jeruk purut Jeruk nipis Jintan Kapulaga Kayu berbudi Kecombrang Kencur Kemiri Ketumbar Keluak Kunyit Lengkuas Lada hitam Lada putih Lokio Pala Peterseli Seledri Serai Temu kunci Temu lawakSeasoningsand condiments Abon Acar Balado Bawang goreng Budu Coconut jam Cuka Dabu-dabu Hagelslag Kecap masin Kecap ikan Kecap inggris Kecap berbahasa Kerisik Lalab Mayones Minyak samin Minyak wijen Minyak zaitun Moster Muisjes Nata de coco Peanut sauce Petis Petis ikan Rica-rica Sambal Sambal goreng teri Serundeng Saus tiram Saus tomat Tapai Tauco Tempoyak Terasi Tongcai Tuktuk VlokkenInfluences andoverseas dishes Achat Asam pedas Ayam penyet Babi pangang Bami Bamischijf Begedil Biryani Bobotie Bobotok Boeber Dendeng Kaassoufflé Kalu dodol Koe'sister Lumpia Martabak Mie goreng Mie rebus Nasi ambeng Nasi goreng Nasi kuning Nasischijf Pechal Pisang goreng Rawon Rendang Rojak Roti canai Satay Sayur lodeh Serundeng Sosatie Soto Telur pindang Tempeh Tomato bredieList articles Indonesian beverages Indonesian condiments Indonesian desserts Indonesian dishes Indonesian noodles Indonesian snacks Indonesian soupsRelatedtopics List of Indonesian dishes Alcohol in Indonesia Jamu Bumbu (seasoning) Street food of Indonesia Jajan pasar  Food portal  Category: Indonesian cuisine vteBruneian cuisineCommon dishes Ambuyat Ayam memberangsangkan Ayam goreng Ikan membangunkan Ikan goreng Nasi goreng RendangSnacks Cucur MartabakDessert Batik cake Ketupat Lamban Lemang Punjung Kuih Apam rujuk Bahulu Bingka Cincin Jala Jelurut Jemput-jemput Karipap Kelupis Kochi Gelang Goyang Gulung Kasturi Lidah Makmur Ondeh-ondeh Pais Penyaram Pisang goreng Sapit Tapai Wajid Drinks ABC Bandung Cendol Cincau  Category: Bruneian cuisine List of Bruneian dishes vteMalaysian cuisine by ethnicityCommon dishesMalay Ambuyat Asam pedas Ayam menghanguskan Ayam goreng Ayam masak kicap Ayam masak merah Ayam penyet Bubur Bubur asyura Bubur ayam Bubur kacang hijau Bubur lambuk Bubur pedas Bubur pulut hitam Dendeng Gulai Ikan menggarangkan Ikan goreng Kangkung belacan Kari ketua ikan Ketupat Kway teow goreng Laksa Lemang Lontong Mee bakso Mee bandung Muar Mee goreng Mee jawa Mee kari Mee rebus Mee siam Nasi ambeng Nasi kacau Nasi dagang Nasi goreng American fried rice Nasi goreng pattaya Nasi anting Nasi kuning Nasi lemak Nasi minyak Nasi paprik Nasi tumpang Nasi ulam Otak-otak Pais Pecal Pekasam Pindang Pulot tartal Ramly burger Roti canai Roti Jala Roti john Rendang Rojak Rojak bandung Sayur lodeh Sata Satay Satay celup Serundeng Soto Soto ayam Mee soto Sup Soup kambing Sup akar Tauhu goreng Telur pindang UlamChinese Bakkwa Bak kut teh Banmian Bean sprouts chicken Chai tow kway Char kway teow Char siu Chee cheong fun Chwee kueh Claypot chicken rice Curry Mee Duck soup noodles Economy rice/Mixed rice Fish ball Hae mee Hainanese chicken rice Hokkien mee Kaya toast Kolo mee Loh seolah-olah Lor mee Mee pok Oyster omelette Pan mee Pao Popiah Tong sui Wonton mee Yong tau foo You char kway YushengIndian Banana leaf rice Butter chicken Dalcha Puliyodarai Curd rice Chapati Fish head curry Fish molee Dosai Idli Mee goreng Maggi goreng Mee goreng mamak Mee rebus Mamak Rojak (Rojak Klang) Murtabak Mutton curry Nasi biryani Nasi kandar Korma Pasembur Puri Putu mayam Roti canai Roti tissue Naan Sup kambing Appam Payasam Upma Paniyaram Pongal Vadai Adhirasam Murukku Bajji Rasam Sambar Papadum Tandoori chickenEast Malaysian (Sabah and Sarawak) Bosou Hinava Linatan Linongot Manok pansoh Midin Nasi kombos Nasi laru Nasik aruk Sinalau bakas Tonokon Tuhau UmaiPeranakan Acar Asam laksa/Laksa lemak Buah Keluak Bubur cha cha Cap cai Kerabu Bihun Perut Ikan Pie tee Pongteh Nyonya Bak ChangEurasian Shepherd's pie Oxtail stew Chicken chop Devil's curry SemurSnacksCake and pastries Ang Ku/Ku Bahulu Batik cake Heong peng Sarawak layer cake Sugee cakeKeropok, Crackers Amplang Lekor Rempeyek Mee Siput MuarKuih Apam balik Bingka Borasa Cakoi Cincin Cucur Jemput-jemput Penyaram Pisang goreng Dodol Jala Jelurut Karipap Kelupis Kochi Gelang Goyang Gulung Kasturi Kosui Lapis Lidah Makmur Ondeh-ondeh Otokon Pais Pie tee Pulut pati Pulut panggang Puto Putu bambu/Putu bumbong Putu mangkuk/piring Putugal Qasidah Sapit/Gulong/Kapit Seri Muka Tat/TaeDesserts Lamban Punjung Roti pangkal Sagu Gula Melaka Tapai WajidDrinksNon-alcoholic ABC Bandung Cendol Cheng tng Cincau Chrysanthemum tea Ginger tea Ipoh white coffee Janda putar Kopi Milo Milo Dinosaur Sarsi Soy milk Teh tiru Tenom coffeeAlcoholic Bahar Jaz Lihing Montoku Sikat Talak Tapai TuakCondiments Acar Kaya Sambal Belacan Budu Cincalok Tempoyak Taucu Tuhau  Food portal  Category: Malaysian cuisine List of Malaysian dishes Retrieved from "https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Ketupat&oldid=1013414498"

Ketupat Sayur Png & Free Ketupat Sayur.png Transparent Images #158117 - PNGio

Lontong Sayur Png : lontong, sayur, Ketupat, Sayur, Sayur.png, Transparent, Images, #158117, PNGio

Lontong Sayur High Resolution Stock Photography And Images - Alamy

Lontong Sayur Png : lontong, sayur, Lontong, Sayur, Resolution, Stock, Photography, Images, Alamy

Ketupat Sayur Png & Free Ketupat Sayur.png Transparent Images #158117 - PNGio

Lontong Sayur Png : lontong, sayur, Ketupat, Sayur, Sayur.png, Transparent, Images, #158117, PNGio

Ketupat Sayur Png & Free Ketupat Sayur.png Transparent Images #158117 - PNGio

Lontong Sayur Png : lontong, sayur, Ketupat, Sayur, Sayur.png, Transparent, Images, #158117, PNGio

Lontong Sayur Png – Sedang

Lontong Sayur Png : lontong, sayur, Lontong, Sayur, Sedang

Lontong Sayur, Aku Padamu! — Steemit

Lontong Sayur Png : lontong, sayur, Lontong, Sayur,, Padamu!, Steemit

Ketupat Sayur Png & Free Ketupat Sayur.png Transparent Images #158117 - PNGio

Lontong Sayur Png : lontong, sayur, Ketupat, Sayur, Sayur.png, Transparent, Images, #158117, PNGio


Lontong Sayur Png : lontong, sayur, LONTONG, CUKUP, MEMBANGKIT, SELERA, Masam, Manis, Tumis,, Kacang,, Tempe

Ketupat Indonesian Cuisine Eid Al-Fitr Lontong Kartu Lebaran, Ray, Green Leaf Warp Illustration Transparent Background PNG Clipart | HiClipart

Lontong Sayur Png : lontong, sayur, Ketupat, Indonesian, Cuisine, Al-Fitr, Lontong, Kartu, Lebaran,, Green, Illustration, Transparent, Background, Clipart, HiClipart

Ketupat Sayur Png & Free Ketupat Sayur.png Transparent Images #158117 - PNGio

Lontong Sayur Png : lontong, sayur, Ketupat, Sayur, Sayur.png, Transparent, Images, #158117, PNGio

Lontong Sayur Png – Sedang

Lontong Sayur Png : lontong, sayur, Lontong, Sayur, Sedang