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Pre-Award. Send to Colleague. The InfoEd Pre-Award Solutions is like no other because it was designed jointly by InfoEd Global technologists and former research administrations professional like...Coordinate the Post-Award Meeting for the start-up of new grant projects and ensure the PI/PD and other personnel are aware of grant management policies, procedures and expectations.Which usulan documents must Pre-Award review? Pre-Award must review all documents submitted to the penjaga, solicitation or urusan announcement, and subcontracts.Pre-Award. Construction. Execution. Procurement Process Overview. • Question submission • MWBE Schedule B Utilization Plan waiver request • Pre-bid meeting/site visit • Submission Deadline.The Pre-Award Certificate is comprised of two half-day workshops, four required sessions and one elective session. The required courses are listed below; the electives will vary meeting-to-meeting.

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Pre-Award Meeting. After completion of the bid tabulation and approval of the selected vendor, confirmation of the approved vendor's proposal details are required prior to the award of an anggaran dasar.4. Pre-Award Meeting a. The Pre-Award Summary Meeting is held at the end of the pre-award phase and is used to present a summary of what was developed and agreed upon during the...1 Pre-award Items RAN Meeting, 7/12/16 Updated Budget Template and Budget Justification sample on OSP website soon Budget has updated fringe, insurance, tuition, etc.Pre-Award Process - Non-Competing Awards. The pre-award process for non-competing continuation awards is a streamlined version of the process for making competing awards.

Guidance for Managing an Award - Foundation and Grants Office...

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The Grant Office provides pre-award support and services to faculty, staff, and administration for federal, state, corporate, and private grants submitted on behalf of Vincennes University.Coreworx Contract Management Features. Pre-Award, Post-Award, & DashBoards. The contract pre-award process demands a high level of integrity and control and requires strong engagement and...Pre-Award Pre-Award and Award Pre-Award, Award, and Closeout. Office of the Provost/Vice President -. Grants Officer - The grant award and administration process falls on the grants officer.Working in a pre-award office is challenging. Cayuse's pre-award management software will help you grow your research portfolio, comply with changing regulations, and reduce administrative burden.Pre-Award Administration is responsible for reviewing all proposals prior to submission to ensure compliance with both University of Idaho and sponsoring agency policies.

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Award Meeting - an overview

After the estimates are made, the process design has taken shape, and the funds to build the plant are authorized, it is time to buy the equipment. To the uninitiated, the task can appear quite formidable. Even to the veteran, the chore is great with a multitude of details to remember. Note that this chapter, despite its title, is not about how to negotiate and purchase the equipment because that is left to each engineer and his client or company to decide. What will be presented here can be more nearly described aksis a checklist and outline to help the purchaser attend to all the details and avoid pasak many surprises sumbu possible.

Procurement Steps

This chapter will present a list of steps that represent the general industry practice in the procurement of a major piece of equipment such pivot a large compressor. This list would be modified by a specific user as required for a given job, but most of the steps are recommended for purchasing a large compressor, regardless of the type. As the size of the machine decreases, some of the steps can probably be dropped. The kebijakan of the list is in the sequence the events that take place. After presenting the list, a general description of what each step entails will be given.

The steps in the procedure include:


Preliminary sizing


Inquiry specification development


Writing the specification




Bid evaluation


Pre-award meeting


Purchase specification


Award contract


Coordination meeting


Engineering reviews




Witness tests




Site arrival


Installation and startup


Successful operation

Supplier Alliances

Supplier partnerships or alliances have been used to control the cost of procurement. They are based on methods developed in Japan, initially in the automobile industry. These methods have been extended into the process industry and for the purchase of such items aksis compressor trains. As originally conceived, they were generally intended mainly for commodity items. By using some innovative approaches, the concept of partnerships or alliances has been extended to the purchase of custom equipment.

The term partnerships has been discontinued in lieu of some form of alliance. Alliances are structured in many different ways. They may be project-specific, commodity-specific, or even company-specific. Each company has its own qualification criteria. It is beyond the scope of this book to go into detail on these because that is material for a text of its own. The intent here is to introduce the reader to the concept, if it is not known, and meld in the negotiation modifiers for both the neophyte and veteran.

There is basically one goal for the alliance, with possible side benefits. The goal is to save money. When all the dust settles, that is it. However, there are associated benefits, the best of which is to minimize or even do away with adversarial relationships. It may be wishful thinking to believe that these will be completely eliminated. A related but very important benefit is to build trust between the parties. This is necessary to achieve the goal.

One outcome of the alliance arrangement is the minimizing of the supplier base. Some advocates call for single-sourcing while others take a more conservative approach and keep two or three potential suppliers, using criteria to select from the individual companies. The purpose is to lower the bid and bid evaluation cost. Going out for bid to many suppliers is costly to the company, wasteful for the industry, and eventually shows up gandar a cost to the user community. The experienced practitioner of alliance attempts to eliminate bidding and directly negotiates the purchase of the compressor train for the custom-type equipment. For more standard commodity items, a blanket purchasing agreement is worked out for a fixed period of time, such pivot a year. The elimination of bidding removes a significant step in the procurement process, and the purchaser expects to benefit both from the elimination of the bid evaluation pasak well poros in the negotiated price due to the supplier's savings in bid preparation. Additional savings may be realized in the form of specification standardization. The reduction of variations in specification from project to project can produce significant savings.

The concept of an alliance is quite interesting and, when carefully done, does produce benefits for the purchaser and the supplier. It is heavily dependent on people and their ability to engage in a trusting relationship. There are many interesting variations that, while being tempting to write about, must be left for another book. While the following steps are still sahih, it is hoped that the potential for eliminating or streamlining some steps is possible with an alliance arrangement.

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