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Dance competition in Punar Vivah. Subscribe bit.ly/subscribe-ians-india for latest happenings in Bollywood entertainment Punar Vivah - zindagi milegi dobara.Kratika Sengar.episodes: 325.Zee TV.February 20,Gurmeet Choudhary,Yash Suraj Pratapपुनर्विवाह Season 2 एक बार फिर से Kratika, Gurmeet, Drashti, with a new season! official management. (*2*) Knowledge.« (*2*) 1 | (*2*) 2. See also. TV Schedule.Punar Vivah Season 2. 3:34. Punar Vivaah - Hindi Serial - November 29, 2013 - Zee TV Serial - Song. Bollywoodlife on the sets of Punar Vivah 2- July 30. (*2*) Life 500.173 views7 year ago. 5:02. Punar Vivaah - Hindi Serial - May 21 - Zee TV Serial - Song 2.PUNAR VIVAH. Movies Preview. Volume 90%. Punar Vivah - Zindagi Milegi Dobara Mar 12 Song Video.

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Punar Vivah - Ek Nayi Umeed. Punar Vivaah (International Title: Married Again) is an Indian soap This season ended 17 May 2013 and Punar Vivah - Ek Nayi Umeed replaced Punar Vivah from 20 Punar Vivaah is the story of two individuals, Yash (Gurmeet Choudhary) and Aarti (Kratika Sengar).Get notified when Punar Vivah ..Remarriage...Season2 PreeRan FF is updated.Terpopuler. #punar vivah. Hiburan. Main Film Baru, Gurmeet (*2*) Pemeran Maan Sampai Keluar Rumah? Doyoung NCT Debut Akting! Bakal Bintangi Drama Romantis Fantasi. The Penthouse Season 2 Resmi Tayang Malam Ini, Diberi Rate 19+.See more of Punar Vivah - Ek Nayee Umeed on Facebook. Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya - Season 2. (*2*) Organization.

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Punar Vivaah - Season 2- Buy, Syndicate, Acquire and License of Punar Vivaah - Season 2 Also get License for genres like Family Dramas, (*2*) Srishty Rode, whom you see as Sarita in Punar Vivah season 2 is someone whose elegance and good looks helped her to cherish her dream of...All You Wanted To Know About Punar Vivaah Part 1. Punar Vivaah Hindi Serial Full Episode 123 Gurmeet Choudhary Kratika Sengar Zee Tv Show.Download Punar vivah: Behind the scenes. Duration: 06:53. punar vivah season 2 jannat khan tango girl latest nollywood movies holy sinners Ek Jwalamukhi dustin dunnillenakkoru aasai manam spb a bhudagala mwana malonja audio juan kolaps pintor de la luz (*2*) tewas new music oromoo...Punar Vivah 2: Eijaz Khan or Angad (*2*) who will play Sarita's future husband By www.bollywoodlife.com Raj is hunting Happy ending of Punar Vivah 2 - stars partying through the night. For more info log on to: thclips.com/user/sbsabpnews.Punar Vivah dizisini sitemize tıklayarak full hd kalitesinde türkçe altyazı seçeneği ile izleyin. Punar Vivaah, Yash (Gurmeet Choudhary) ve Aarti'nin (Kratika Sengar) iki kişinin hikayesidir.

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Punar Vivaah ((*2*) Title: Married Again) is an Indian soap opera that aired on Zee TV from 20 February 2012 replacing Bhagonwali-Baante Apni Taqdeer till 17 May 2013. It aired every Monday–Friday at 10:30 pm. The show was episode in the city of Bhopal and revolved around lead characters Yash and Aarti.[1]

The first season concluded on 17 May 2013 and a second season titled Punar Vivah - Ek Nayi Umeed with new lead characters and a new storyline, replaced it from 20 May 2013.[2][3]


Punar Vivaah is the story of two individuals, Yash (Gurmeet Choudhary) and Aarti (Kratika Sengar). Yash Scindia is a wealthy widower based in Bhopal and lives with his two daughters Payal and Palak. Aarti is a divorcée and lives with her son Ansh. Yash is a wedding planner.

Aarti's in-laws and Yash's family want the two lonely hearts to get united in marriage. Aarti's in-laws decide to let Yash's family believe Aarti has been widowed like Yash. Yash and Aarti get married for the well being of their children and Aarti soon makes place for herself in Yash's joint family.[4] Yash, however, continues to live with memories of his first wife Arpita. On a trip to Mumbai, Yash and Aarti come closer and Aarti confesses to him that she has fallen in love with him. Soon, Yash cuts short the vacation and they return home where Yash declares he has no relationship with Aarti and refuses to speak to her. After several days, Aarti is still clueless till she faints and is informed she is pregnant. She recalls that after consuming bhaang at a temple, they consummated their marriage and Yash feels guilty for betraying his former wife and blames aarti. Aarti finally confronts Yash and refuses to accept that the act of consummation was one-sided. She starts living with him again for the sake of their families but maintains a distance from him and hides her pregnancy from everyone.

Complications arise in Aarti's pregnancy but she chooses to leave with her son Ansh and boards a bus. Meanwhile, Yash's aunt discovers Aarti's pregnancy and the entire family finds out but only after Aarti has left. She meets with an accident and she and Ansh reach the hospital with help from her first husband Prashant. Yash sets out looking for her and Prashant discovers that Aarti is married to Yash. Yash and Aarti finally reunite at a mazaar and Yash and Aarti return home with Ansh pivot Prashant looks on. Meanwhile, Yash's younger brother Prateek and his wife Paridhi continuously argue about Paridhi's work hours sumbu she goes off on shoots and her disregard for the family. Paridhi gets drunk for a shoot and sleeps with her producer who starts blackmailing her. In an altercation, Paridhi inadvertently hits him and he dies. Paridhi confides in her mother who tells her to stay quiet about all the events.

An ailing Prashant returns to his parents but is diagnosed with advanced stage cancer and requires a bone marrow transplant from his biological son Ansh. Prashant's mother Shobha is forced to ask for Aarti's help and they manage to get Ansh's bone marrow for Prashant's treatment whilst keeping it a secret from Yash and his family. Prashant is cured and refuses to leave home even aksis Aarti finally tells Yash about him and how he selfishly left her while she was pregnant with Ansh. Yash falls in love with Aarti but believes she would want to return to her first love Prashant but Aarti sets out to prove that she loves only Yash even pivot Prashant decides to get her back. Prashant's aunt exposes Aarti's past before the Scindias who are shocked and unforgiving at first till Yash defends her. Aarti and Yash are banished to another part of the house and Yash's father instructs the family to sever ties with them and their children.

Prashant decides to plot against Yash and Aarti to separate them. However, eventually, Yash and Aarti reunite with the family and Yash brings Akash to the family. This creates tensions and Gayatri starts hating Yash who is revealed to be Suraj Pratap's son with his other wife Radha and was swapped at birth with Akash who is actually Gayatri's biological son. Akash and his wife Ishita have designs on the Scindia wealth and influence Gayatri who disowns Yash. Suraj Pratap instead, names Yash pasak the sole heir to his wealth. A fight breaks out between Akash and Yash and Gayatri is grievously injured. At the hospital, she finally realises her mistake and apologises to Yash and Suraj Pratap aksis she dies in Yash's arms.

A month later, Akash and Ishita manage to turn the family against Radha with only Yash and Aarti supporting her. They make Suraj Pratap and the family realise her value and Suraj Pratap decides to marry her to give her her rightful place. After he gets into trouble with his thug friends, Akash has a change of heart when Aarti rescues him and saves his life.

New complications arise after Aarti and Yash's son Aayu is born but someone kidnaps him soon after. The culprit is revealed to be Ishita. Ishita becomes obsessed with Yash creating problems between him and Aarti. They don't talk to each other for months after losing Aayu. Aayu returns to the family poros an orphan who is adopted by Prateek and Paridhi. Aarti feels a strange connection with the baby and finds comfort in him. Aarti soon discovers the truth about Ishita and together with Yash, she gets Aayu back; however, seeing Paridhi's sad face, Aarti and Yash decide to give Aayu to Prateek and Paridhi. Ishita comes back and kidnaps Aayu again. However, Yash saves Aayu and gets Ishita arrested as the show ends. The Scindia family introducing the new characters for Season 2. (We saw one of the character because Yash becomes friends with her since he was planning a wedding).


Kratika Sengar pivot Aarti Yash Scindia[5][6] Gurmeet Choudhary sumbu Yash Scindia[5][7] Shweta Munshi pivot Arpita Scindia, Yash's first wife Vineet Raina / Sarwar Ahuja pivot Prashant Dubey, Aarti's ex-husband[8][9] Geeta Tyagi poros Shobha Dubey, Prashant's mother Amit Singh Thakur aksis Satyendra Dubey, Prashant's father Chetan Pandit pasak Suraj Pratap Scindia Zahida Parveen pasak Gayatri Scindia, Suraj Pratap's first wife[10] Dolly Minhas sumbu Radha, Suraj Pratap's second wife, Yash's biological mother[11][12] Pallavi Rao / Ananya Khare sumbu Suraj Pratap's sister Rakesh Kukreti sumbu Pankaj Scindia, Suraj Pratap and Gayatri's eldest son Samragyi Nema poros Vidhi, Pankaj's wife pivot Vedika, Pankaj and Vidhi's daughter Dishank Arora sumbu Prateek Scindia, Suraj Pratap and Gayatri's third son Leena Jumani poros Paridhi, Prateek's wife Akshay Dogra gandar Akash Scindia, Suraj Pratap and Gayatri's second son who is raised by Radha[13] Heena Parmar pasak Ishita, Akash's wife[14] Divyam Dama pasak Ansh, Aarti and Prashant's son[15] Palak Dey pivot Palak, Yash and Arpita's daughter Dhriti Mehta aksis Payal, Yash and Arpita's daughter Amita Udgata pasak Tai Ji, Prashant's aunt Neha Sargam

(*2*) broadcast / Remakes / Dubbed version in other Indian languages

It was dubbed in Telugu gandar Punarvivaham on Zee Telugu. It was dubbed in Tamil gandar Marumanam on Zee Tamil. The series was dubbed in English and aired on Zee World on DSTv.[when?]

In Pakistan, the show airs on Geo Kahani.

In Algeria, the show airs on Zee Alwan, under the name (فرصة ثانية Forsa Thania). In South Africa the show aired on Zee World dubbed in English. The series is also aired on Zee Magic in francophone Africa.

In Ile de la Reunion, the show airs on Antenne Réunion pasak Punar Vivaah dubbed in French.[16][17]

In Mauritius, the show aired on MBC 2 on Sundays. In Vietnam the show aired on VTV9 under the title Hẹn Tái Hôn.[18] The show was popular in Indonesia airing on ANTV channel and re-ran in Thailand on Zee Nung Channel (Zee Thailand).

In Iran, the show aired on GEM TV as Ezdevaj e Mojadad (meaning New Wedding in Persian). The series also aired in Iran with the name of ازدواج مجدد (Remarry), from 22 March to 12 July 2015.


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